[thechat] Bill Frist on the Iraq War: WMD wasn't the main reason ...

Chris Evans chris at unhappyfun.com
Thu Jun 26 21:19:13 CDT 2003

R.Livsey wrote:
> Isn't that just what the USA does/is doing? If history was different and 
> some other bunch of countries/nations developed nuclear weapons first 
> then we would probably be in the same state with some other superpower 
> calling the shots.
Let me preface by saying that I, too, have been under the influence of 
the sweet goddess alcohol, and also spent my formative years within 2 
miles of one of USSR's first strike targets.

I came of age terrified of nuclear war, and wish that such weapons and 
knowledge of such should be unmade and unlearned.  Since they can't be 
unmade, and the knowledge can't be unlearned, I'm glad that I am a 
citizen of the superpower and not the developing nation.  I think the 
world is a little bit safer having a nation that not only has used nukes 
in war, but has gone through over 50 years of dealing with the concept 
of mutually assured destruction. I think we know the lesson - I don't 
think countries without the nuclear history quite understand the stakes.

Of course, having GWB at the trigger makes me a bit queasy, but not as 
much as General Musharaf with 20 ICBMs..

Chris Evans

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