[thechat] eudora/mac challenge

Bob Davis bob at bobdavis.org
Thu Jul 3 16:04:10 CDT 2003

Erika Meyer said:
> okay, i have this 99 imac and i have eudora 4.2 and it's chock full  o'
> stuff, some of which i'd like to archive forever.

Yeah. I have some mail from back in 96.

> at the same time, i want to clean out my in and out boxes and start
> with a clean slate when i get os x going...

I hear ya..

> i was thinking, there must be some way for me to upload my mail via  ftp
> and store it on a server somewhere as a text file or something  like
> that.
> is that possible.   how do i turn my in or out boxes into text files  or
> is there another way.

One of the best things about Eudora is that it uses the standard mbox
format - which is flat text. There are .idx files, which are the indeces,
and mbox files, which are the actual mail box files. Just keep the mbox
files, and you're golden.

They compress up nicely too - just make a big .sea/zip/tar/whatever file
with them and burn them to cd/zip cart/tape or ftp them somewhere.


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