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> Ron Ebert and Luther Siskel reviewed:
>>> my personal favorite is "The Day the Earth Stood Still"
>>> featuring a large, shiny, evil, and mysteriously immobile robot named,
>>> "Klaatu".
>> +1!  "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is fabulous. [Although, actually,
>> I think the robot was named Gort. "Klaatu Barratus Nicto" was the
>> 'phrase that pays' to deactivate the robots and save your butt when they
>> come back at some future point in time to clean up our mess.]
> hahahahaha now i gotta try to find it again.
> *i* think the robot's caretaker (the guy that looked like the bad guy in
> flash gordon) was gort....but i certainly can't pull any incantations to 
> my
> mind like that, very impressive mr. luther.

Actually, Gort was the robot. Klaatu was the alien guy who was also the 
caretaker at the university.

Ultra-trivia bonus: The phrase "Klaatu barada necto" is also used in the 
Evil Dead trilogy as the words that Ash must recite to close the Book of 
the Dead and send back the undead to the underworld. Of course, unlike Mrs. 
Benson in The Day the Earth Stood Still, Ash kinda forgets the last bit... 
and it comes out as "Klaatu, barada... erm... necktie!"

Super-mega geeky trivia:

There was a band called Klaatu who sounded a lot like the Beatles. They 
remained anonymous, but rumours abounded about the connection between the 
two bands. Ringo Starr's album "Goodnight Vienna" has a photo of his face 
superimposed with Klaatu's and Gort standing in the background. Klaatu (the 
band) and the Beatles were both signed to Capitol Records. In 1974, 
McCartney/Wings released "Venus and Mars", which is where Klaatu says he 
comes from in the film. In 1976, at the end of his Boston concert, 
McCartney leases the stage after telling fans "see you when the Earth 
stands still...". Geroge Harrison's "33 & 1/3" album has some inside sleeve 
art the bears an uncanny resemblance to on of Klaatu (the band)'s album 
covers. Finally on the bands, Klaatu's track "Sub Rosa Subway" features a 
loop at the end that, when played backwards, is the words "it's us, it's 
us" repeated continuously.

Unbelievably geeky trivia:

In Return of the Jedi, Jabba the Hutt has three assisstants called Klaatu, 
Barada, and Nikto.
In Independance Day (ID4), when alien communication is interrupting the 
satellite feeds, Jeff Goldblum's character is watching The Day the Earth 
Stood Still.

Right, that's me all trivia-d out for that film. Next?

- seb


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