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>> Right, that's me all trivia-d out for that film. Next?

Right rudeboy, you asked for it...

Soylent Green was Edward G Robinson's last film. Ironically, Robinson knew 
he was dying when he performed in the scene in which his character also 
faces death.

The technical consultant for the film was Frank R. Bowerman, who was 
president of the American Academy for Environmental Protection at the time.

One of the scenes of the "beautiful earth" shown to Sol as he is dying is 
an opening shot from Far from the Madding Crowd (a flock of sheep on a 
green hillside).

The scene where Thorne and Roth share a meal of fresh food was not 
originally in the script, but was ad-libbed by Charlton Heston and Edward G 
Robinson at director Richard Fleischer's request.

The videogame in Simonson's apartment, "Computer Space", was one of the 
first coin-operated videogames, manufactured by Nutting Associates in 1971 
and designed by Nolan Bushnell, who later founded Atari and designed 

One set of scenes in the original release, where a second family is housed 
with Thorne and Roth, was deleted from later copies of the film.

Coincidentally, the director's surname, Fleischer, is German for butcher.

Soylent Green was based on Harry Harrison's "Make Room! Make Room!" novel.

When U.S. companies begin marketing their products in Africa, it is common 
practice to have a picture on the label of what is inside, since most 
people there can not read English. Gerber Baby Food was not aware of this, 
and ran into a problem, since the photo on their label is of a cute baby.

Bud Westmore, who did makeup in Soylent Green also did makeup in: Abbott 
and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer Boris 
Karloff, Man of a Thousand Faces, The Monolith Monsters, The Mole People, 
Revenge of the Creature, Tarantula, Abbott and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and 
Mr Hyde, and It Came From Outer Space.

The Buffy Episode "Doublemeat Palace" (based on Soylent Green) finds Buffy 
investigating the secret ingredient of the doublemeat burgers, which turn 
out to be vegetarian. (As in without meat, as opposed to made from 
vegetarians. Mmmm... cornfed...)

In the Simpsons episode "Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie" Homer is heard to 
say "mmmmm... soylent green". In another of Matt Groening's shows, 
Futurama, there's an episode called 30% Iron Chef, where Bender enters a 
cooking competition. The compulsory ingredient is Soylent Green, to which 
the chief of the Harlme Globetrotters says "my kind of people". Later in 
the episode we find out that the body of Martha Stewart (now just a head in 
a jar) has been "food-economically recycled".

Well, that's about all I can find at the moment.

- seb


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