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Terry Fowler quackamoe at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 8 14:33:18 CDT 2003

--- Seb Potter <seb at poked.org> wrote:

> The Mole People 

I saw this on tv on a Saturday afternoon during
and was surprised that it was actually a pretty good
story. At least it was good  25 years ago. How can we
have this conversation and not mention John Agar?

Around the same time I was watching the late Saturday
night "chiller killer diller chiller theater" on local
tv and they played "The Man Who Reclaimed His Head."
Sounds <Count Floyd>scary</Count Floyd>, but it's
a pacifist writer who discovers his ideas have been
used to promote WWI. Claude Rains as the writer. I was
sure it was "The Man Who LOST His Head" but a check at
imdb shows only Reclaimed with no alternate titles. 
Ruins my joke about "the programming director who lost
his job." Hmph.


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