[thechat] Today, I hate Apple (was: eudora/mac challenge)

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Jul 9 15:25:25 CDT 2003

Thanks Bob, I will look for the mbox files... let you know how it goes.

now I must rant about hating Apple.  I am ready to peel the apple 
stickers off my car and even off my Telecaster.  I am ready to paint 
a worm into my apple tattoo (I don't really have a tattoo...)

I have been hearing horror stories about the possible hell that could 
be visited upon me should I try to load OSX on my tray-CD iMac.

I cannot afford a new computer SORRY!

But I was told I could do what I want to do (multi-track recording) 
with Pro-Tools and OS 9.2.  Currently I have 8.6 at home.

So all I need to do is purchase OS 9.2.  NO!  Apple has decided we 
don't need anything but OSX!  They will not sell OS 9.2 I must buy a 
new computer (yeah, right), or possibly risk total destruction  -- at 
least a high level of suckiness -- by first spending lots of money 
for RAM and installing OSX.  IOW I am SOL.

Apple has turned its back on me.  elitists!!!  Madhu is right!

I bought an iMac when the chips were down, when they were courting 
commoners like me, when there were no USB peripherals to save my 
life... but I bought an iMac, accessorized it, it is now all of 4 
years old...  it still works fine!  Is it wrong to want more, at a 
reasonable price?  Is it wrong to want OS 9?   Why are Apple such 
goddam control freaks????  Is there a giant ivory Apple in Cupertino, 
and how did it get stuck in their butts?

It is a sad, sad day.

I need warez!!!

Apple has done this to me!

put me on the streets!

sent me into the gutter!

man, do they SUCK.

I am very upset with them.


>One of the best things about Eudora is that it uses the standard mbox
>format - which is flat text. There are .idx files, which are the indeces,
>and mbox files, which are the actual mail box files. Just keep the mbox
>files, and you're golden.
>They compress up nicely too - just make a big .sea/zip/tar/whatever file
>with them and burn them to cd/zip cart/tape or ftp them somewhere.

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