[thechat] Next Anime Step?

David Wagner dave at worlddomination.net
Wed Jul 9 19:44:16 CDT 2003


Erika wrote:
> >>If you have kids, "My Neighbor Totoro" kicks ass, especially if
> >>you're into forest spirts that watch over children, stuff like that.

RonL replied:
> Thanks!  I'll check into it.

"Tonari no Totoro" is the Japanese title if you have any trouble finding
it; and yes, it's also by Miyazaki. +99.

> Princess Mononoke is, IMO, too intense and violent for my 2 year-old
> grandsons.  If they were 10 or so I wouldn't be concerned ... but right
> now (I think) they are too small for princesses that spit blood and heros
> that chop people in two with their sword. [I can be 'funny' that way.]

I was surprised when I saw Princess Mononoke... it was being marketed (to
me, anyway) as a kid's movie, and it most definitely ain't for *younger*
kids. Or maybe it's just different cultural standards.



David Wagner
dave at worlddomination.net

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