[thechat] Next Anime Step?

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Thu Jul 10 09:50:54 CDT 2003


> > <http://www.techtv.com/animeunleashed/index.html/>) or Cartoon Network's
> > Adult Swim (currently showing "Kikaider", "Trigun", and "Lupin the
> > 3rd"). She accuses me of regressing to my teen years, to which I
> > respond, "That's RIGHT!!"
> bad news for UKvolters ... CNX is probably going to get rebranded Toonami,
> and will get shunted from it's place in the 200s (on Sky Digital), up into
> the low 600s (where the kids channels are), meaning there will probably be
> refocus of it's content - less adult stuff?  Who knows.

toonami in the states is a 2-3 hour slice of cartoon network where they show
stuff like the new he-man (i prefer the old personally), the new
transformers, and the dragonball and dragonball z shows.

dragonball (especially z) certainly gets bizarre at times, but yeah i'm
afraid you may be headed into kiddie-anime.

has anyone seen the whole "majin-buu" string of dragonball z episodes? "buu"
is this evil pink guy, created by "bobbity" (who gets killed by buu). buu
likes to turn people into chocolates, and then eat them.
there's this totally weird episode where buu decides he wants to be human,
and starts wearing suits, and brushes his teeth, and watches tv, and plays
with puppies....then he goes back to turning people into chocolate (the
whole world finally).

and what about that cute little guy, "goku".
every once in a while, goku turns into an 100' tall, insane, red-eyed
gorilla (apparently he is a "super-saiyen")

pardon my spellings....


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