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Judah McAuley judah at
Thu Jul 10 10:50:32 CDT 2003

Luther, Ron wrote:
> I remember reading a quote from one of Buffum's pro-rallye navigators 
> talking about blasting up a hill at 100+ mph ... on a narrow forest 
> road ... and glancing out the side window to notice a number of 
> [beech/elm/walnut/something] trees. ... Recognizing that this kind of 
> tree grows best in clay based soil ... he casually reached over to adjust 
> the front/rear brake bias in the car.  For me that spoke volumes about 
> the type personality you need to have to be a successful pro navigator.

Funny you should bring that up now...that's what I'm doing this weekend 
:)  Oregon Trail Pro Rally this weekend for anyone in the northwest that 
might want to come out and see people do silly things in cars on gravel 
roads.  Go to for spectator 
information.  Last I heard, we have 80 paid entries, so we'll likely 
have between 80 and 100 cars running this year.  That makes it one of 
the largest rallies in north america.

As to Buffum, he isn't my favorite person in the world, but he is the 
last American to drive in the World Rally Cup circuit and was an 
undeniably good driver.  Speaking of the WRC, there is a Canadian 
(Patrick Richard) who is driving a Subaru on the WRC circuit this 
season.  He did awfully well considering it was his first time on the 
WRC.  Patrick is pretty new to the sport and just a naturally talented 
driver as well as being an all around nice guy.  If you like watching 
rally, you should keep an eye on him.  I think he will continue to get 


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