Curta - Was: Re: [thechat] S A T Movies

Bob Davis bob at
Thu Jul 10 11:04:59 CDT 2003

Judah McAuley said:

> Funny you should bring that up now...that's what I'm doing this weekend
> :)  Oregon Trail Pro Rally this weekend for anyone in the northwest that
>  might want to come out and see people do silly things in cars on gravel
>  roads.

You're competing? Awesome.

I used to teach some driving at Tim O'Neil's school in NH, and thought
about getting into pro rally - it just didn't happen though.  It's pretty
freakin' scary sometimes - cresting a hill on dirt at 100mph, thinking
about the creek on your left, and the bridge that's coming up....high
pucker factor.  Pendulum turns never get boring though!

If you see Tim (the Air Force Subaru WRX), tell him I say hi. I think
he'll be there.


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