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Judah McAuley judah at
Thu Jul 10 12:00:38 CDT 2003

Bob Davis wrote:
> Judah McAuley said:
>> Funny you should bring that up now...that's what I'm doing this weekend
>> :)  Oregon Trail Pro Rally this weekend for anyone in the northwest that
>>  might want to come out and see people do silly things in cars on gravel
>>  roads.
> You're competing? Awesome.

Sadly, no.  I don't have the money and time to compete.  I help organize 
the rally.  I've been working it the last 7 years.  I was a stage 
captain last year, but I can only help out on Sunday this year as I have 
a wedding to attend on Saturday.  So I'll probably be running 
communications and generally helping get things done.

> I used to teach some driving at Tim O'Neil's school in NH, and thought
> about getting into pro rally - it just didn't happen though.  It's pretty
> freakin' scary sometimes - cresting a hill on dirt at 100mph, thinking
> about the creek on your left, and the bridge that's coming up....high
> pucker factor.  Pendulum turns never get boring though!

Very cool.  I'd love to learn e-brake turns :)  We've got some scary 
roads out here.  Sea level to 3000ft each day of the rally, lots of 
water bars in the roads.  We have run the rally in April the last couple 
of years which always produced a fun mixture of rain and snow.  Moving 
to July this year has coincided with a heat wave.  It should be 80+ for 
each day of the rally this year which will cause all sorts of problems 
with dust.  We also have one of the earliest starts of fire season ever, 
so accidental fire issues are very much in the front of our brains.

> If you see Tim (the Air Force Subaru WRX), tell him I say hi. I think
> he'll be there.

I just looked at the competitor entries and Tim is running.  Looks like 
he is running a Open class 2002 Ford Focus this year.  Still sponsored 
by Air Force Reserve though.  I'll try to flag him down sometime on 
Sunday and tell him you said hi.


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