[thechat] Today, I hate Apple (was: eudora/mac challenge)

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Jul 11 18:33:11 CDT 2003

Erik wrote

> On Wednesday, July 9, 2003, at 03:25 PM, Erika Meyer wrote:
>> I have been hearing horror stories about the possible hell that could
>> be visited upon me should I try to load OSX on my tray-CD iMac.
> I've successfully installed OS X on an a 350 (I think) Mhz IMac, and
> have a 300 MHz orange and white iBook with OS X ... works quite nicely
> on both.

I have 10.2 running on a beige G3, 300MHz. It's a touch slow (I think 
more perceptually as it's got a very, very old, slow gfx card which is 
just about non-replaceable), but until a few weeks ago, was my primary 
machine. Now it runs as the mail/webserver for my network and is just 

It won't be supported for 10.3, but as a machine of a similar age to 
yours, I think it's done pretty well.

The one thing you *will* need for OSX more than a faster processor is 
more RAM. As much as you can stuff in the machine. Makes a big 

(who actually got out and booted his old Powerbook 1400 today looking 
for a serial number)

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