[thechat] re: Today, I hate Apple (was: eudora/mac challenge)

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Sat Jul 12 15:32:29 CDT 2003

hmm.... lots of interesting and potentially helpful suggestions...

well, I can't find anything called "mbox"... sherlock can't find 
it... I cant find it drilling down into my documents folder... I feel 
like a goddam idiot, but that's nothing new.  WTF am I doing with a 
computer, anyway.

The ebay suggestion for OS9 is intriguing.  I am currently back in 
underclass mode so it will be awhile before I got money again for 
either RAM or an OS...  I was going to load up with ram and try the 
OSX installation myself, but this mac tech guy told me the 
tray-loading iMacs don't run it well (I don't know the processor 
speed, where do you find that info? It's not the original bondi iMac 
it's the second batch, the five flavor iMac) and furthermore he told 
me that if I don't update my firmware (whatever that means) it could 
destroy the video capabilities?

I've talked to three different people who work on macs for a living, 
and been told three different things, from that it could destroy the 
universe, to that it could run fine...

Anyway, first I guess I need to find software for my CD burner so 
that I can back important stuff up... then I guess I'll decide if I'm 
going to try OS9 or OSX and deal with the RAM issue accordingly.

I tried to have this apple store install RAM and they had troubles 
with it because I guess my iMac is ANCIENT... had to get order 
special chips for ANCIENT computers.  When the other guy told me I 
could destroy my video and f*ck up my computer I told them don't do 
it... right now I have 160 megs which is fine for OS 8.6.

I bought this ANCIENT computer in April of 1999.

I think I like guitars better than computers.  I just sold my Ibenez 
Roadstar II to a store for $50 less than it cost brand new in 1982. 
They'll sell it for more than I paid for it.  It still works fine, 
and I never had to upgrade or modify it, not even once.  And instead 
of sniffing at it because it's old (like the Apple store guys do with 
my ANCIENT iMac) the guitar store guys go "cool, an old Roadstar..." 
even admiring the plywood-covered-with-brown-vinyl case.


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