[thechat] Re: Today, I hate Apple (was: eudora/mac challenge)

Dave Fitch lists at dere-street.com
Sun Jul 13 06:26:27 CDT 2003

On 13/7/03, Erika Meyer said:

>The ebay suggestion for OS9 is intriguing.

I am sure somebody on this list probably has OS9 CDs you can have...

>I was going to load up with ram and try the OSX installation myself, 
>but this mac tech guy told me the
>tray-loading iMacs don't run it well (I don't know the processor 
>speed, where do you find that info? It's not the original bondi iMac 
>it's the second batch, the five flavor iMac) and furthermore he told 
>me that if I don't update my firmware (whatever that means) it could 
>destroy the video capabilities?

Run the system profile app, that will tell you the processor speed. 
Rumour has it that Panther [OSX 10.3] runs a lot better on older 
machines than either 10.2 or 10.1.

>I've talked to three different people who work on macs for a living,
>and been told three different things, from that it could destroy the
>universe, to that it could run fine...

What happens is that OS X requires that you have installed the latest 
firmware updates before you being installing it. It doesn't however 
have enough brains to either install these itself or otherwise make 
sure that this is done before proceeding. If you haven't done this, 
some iMacs will die during installation [slight exaggeration, the 
video subsystem seem to get hopelessly and **permanently** 
confused...]. So if you install the firmware updates first you should 
be ok. [you just have to d/l the update and run it in OS 8...]
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