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Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Mon Jul 14 12:50:50 CDT 2003

> > See, that's one of the things that puzzles me... if global warming is
> > such a problem, why don't we all just, like, turn our air-con on all
> > the time? I mean, that's gonna help cool the planet down, right?
> And if you don't have air-conditioning, you can just leave the door to
> the refrigerator open....

[just slightly OT....]

this reminds me of a buddy who used to live in a 3 story brownstone in

he lived on the 1st floor, the 2nd floor was uninhabitable, and the 3rd
floor is where the landlord lived. they were down to electricity and phone
as the most necessary bills to pay, but the building was so old con-ed had
to into the basement to shut off the gas (oil was long shut off).

the landlord was the only person in posession of the key to the basement,
and no one ever saw him.

they heated their apartment quite adequately by leaving the gas stove open
and on 400 deg F.

it all ended when the landlord died (in his apartment, unbeknownst to the
world for at least a week). the cops broke into the apartment both to
retrieve the body and find the basement key.

you know those little stuffed animals in plastic bags you win at the
carnival for throwing rings on a pole? this guy had walls and walls of them.
in their bags, nailed to the walls from floor to ceiling. and they all had a
girls name written on a piece of paper, pinned to their bellies.

anyway, my friend moved on to squatting in a sweet buildng in the lower east
side, eventually winning it from the city!

(--oh, and if anyone here has rooms like that in their house, er, uh, i'm
not saying there's anything wrong with it or anything, ya know?)

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