[thechat] ANother Test

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Jul 14 12:59:36 CDT 2003

Tara Cleveland noted:

>>It occurred to me the other day that the best time to clean your fridge out
>>is on the hottest day of the year. Then you'll actually be happy to clean it

I dunno Tara,

As an 'ex-bachelor' type I think I can provide an alternative point of view 
here by noting that that the best times to clean out a fridge are (a) when it 
breaks down - that way you can just pitch the whole thing without actually 
bothering to clean it at all, or (b) when the 'aroma' from opening the door 
frightens the dog and peels the whiskers off the cat.


(Besides ... what's to clean?  If you leave the door open long enough the 
old mayo jar will walk off by itself ... and if you're lucky it will take 
all those little unopened soy packets with it!)

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