[thechat] Attending EUvolt: bringing any toys?

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Jul 14 17:59:25 CDT 2003

iris wrote:
> --- William Anderson <neuro at well.com> wrote:
> > Currently taking:
> >
> > - Vaio Z600-LEK (w/Cisco Aironet 350 wifi-11b card
> > and bluetooth dongle)

lappy is over 2 years old, bluetooth dongle was bought on the cheap, wifi
card was also cheap due to having friends in cisco ;)

> > - Dell Axim (with 256MB CF card)

admittedly not bought on cheap, but the dell axim is competitively priced,
and i got a good deal on the cf card :)

> > - Sony Cybershot digicam (with 128MB memory stick)

got this little baby at a nice price in a camera shop in southampton in

> > - Nokia 6210 (2G phone)

have had this phone for nearly 3 years now - I have a 6310 that's very
broken and I'm about to take it back to be replaced (for the second time!)

> > - NEC e808 (3G phone)

having friends in tech companies again pays off as mates working in 3
(www.three.co.uk) manage to wangle me a 3G phone for three months, 3000
voice mins/mo, 500 sms/mo, 200 video msgs/mo, £50 call credit thru the trial
period for non-geographic calls and other services outwith call allowance,
and if i decide to keep the handset at the end of the trial, I get a 75%
discount.  Rawk!!

> > - associated power/data-connection paraphenalia
> > (PSUs, data cables, CAT5,
> >   emergency modem lead, etc)
> gosh!  i hope you rich kids don't mind if the poor
> cousin joins you at the family feast.  i'll be
> bringing just myself and maybe my boyfriend.

rich?  moi?  I scrimp, save and haggle for each piece of gadgetry that
invades my Technology Containment Zone (tm)!

> should go register now...

Yup, you should - the more the merrier :)

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