[thechat] ANother Test

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Mon Jul 14 18:05:05 CDT 2003

Tara Cleveland wrote:
> <tip type="housecleaning made fun" author="Tara Cleveland">
> It occurred to me the other day that the best time to clean your fridge
> out is on the hottest day of the year. Then you'll actually be happy to
> clean it out.
> </tip>

<tip type="housecleaning made painfully-unfun" author="Paul Cowan">
It occurred to me the other day that the worst time to
defrost the two inches of ice build-up in your freezer is
in the middle of July, if you live in the Southern hemisphere.
The cold makes it very hard to hold the chisel steady, and
hammer-related injuries are far more likely.


Paul The Sore-Thumbed

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