[thechat] global warming

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Mon Jul 14 20:13:25 CDT 2003

>> Nice day out today. Bit hot and humid, but the air-con
>> seems to be keeping that under control.
> See, that's one of the things that puzzles me...
> if global warming is such a problem, why don't we all just,
> like, turn our air-con on all the time? I mean, that's gonna
> help cool the planet down, right?

sebastian potter, you are a laff riot

i just wanted to say how much i enjoy your sense of humour

homo sapiens?  more like homo sap -- we are such stupid gets

let's not mention what drives all those air-conditioners -- mostly,
coal-fired power generation stations

here in ontario, fully ONE FRICKIN HALF of our air pollution is caused not
by our own vehicle emissions, but by coal plant emissions -- from the US

on a related note, one way to mitigate the effect of vehicle emissions on
the atmosphere is to drastically reduce the fuel supply

one way to reduce the fuel supply is to use it up, to the point where
what's left is prohibitively expensive

one way to ensure it gets used up quickly is to keep the price down now,
and encourage consumption

it's a race, plain and simple -- will we run out of gas before we fuck up
the atmosphere

on a more encouraging note, one way to stimulate research into alternate
fuel sources is to foresee the end of cheap gas

iraq's oil -- here, america, take it, it's yours, all you gotta do is
overcome a minor qualm involving, oh, nothing more than a small matter of
ethics -- will only last so long

then what?

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