[thechat] Attending EUvolt: bringing any toys?

deacon b. web at master.gen.in.us
Wed Jul 16 09:58:45 CDT 2003

> and if your account balance falls below a 
> certain high watermark figure they fine you $8 
> every month.  Probably the only banks on the 
> planet where your balance keeps going down 
> every month despite no withdrawals...!

Probably not.  Most debit cards in the US are 
hooked to checking accounts - and many accounts 
charge up to $12 if your account drops below $2000 
- and it's almost universal that companies charge 
something like $25 a month starting 6 months after 
your account becomes inactive. If it remains inactive 
for a couple years, they are legally required to turn it 
over to the state; but they don't want to do that.


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