[thechat] DFW Restaurants/Sites?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Jul 16 16:47:09 CDT 2003

Cheryl Baringer offered some great suggestions:

>>The Dallas World Aquarium is pretty cool.
>>The Kimball Art Museum has an ancient Egyptian exhibit. 
>>The Dallas Museum of Art has a Renoir exhibit. 
>>There is a brand new Modern Art museum in Ft. Worth. 
>>The Ft. Worth Zoo is the better of the two. 

>>Which area of town will you be staying in? What dates?

Hi Cheryl,

We'll be up at the end of August, we're taking the 29th off to make it a 
4 day weekend. Mary just made the hotel reservation today, but I'm sure 
exactly where. <old guy scratches head />  ;-)

Yup, the aquarium is on the list, as are both zoos. [Yeah, I had heard the 
Ft. Worth zoo was the better of the two ... but I'm an old zoo volunteer 
so I'll probably drag her to both.]

Ooooo Renoir!  Coolio!  (I'm such a longtime Impressionist fan I even 
have a photo of myself standing on *the* Japanese footbridge in Monet's 

Hmmm ... The Fort Worth Modern Art museum has some 'samplings' from their 
collection available through their website ... I'll have to see if Mary is 
interested. {Jonathon Borofsky's 'Self Portrait with Big Ears' looks 
pretty cool - I wonder if they'd let me take a picture standing in front 
of it like that.}

I'll check out the Kimball website as well.


(I *knew* thechat folks could come up with neat stuff for just about anywhere!!)

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