[thechat] DFW Restaurants/Sites?

Terry Fowler quackamoe at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 16 17:25:53 CDT 2003

--- "Luther, Ron" <ron.luther at hp.com> wrote:

> ... but we're still looking for suggestions.}

A guy I worked with in college, Randy, was from
Dallas. He's there now and we email pretty much daily
so I
asked him for suggestions.
RANDY said:

So I'm confused; Big Texas is in Houston.  I assume
they meant Billy Bob's?  If they're going to Billy
Bob's, there's plenty in the Stockyards to keep 'em
entertained, including Joe T's (as Jim suggested).  If
they ain't Mormon, recommend the margaritas.  Joe T's
only has two things on the food menu: fajitas, and the
Mexican dinner; tell 'em to order one of each and
share--oh baby!!  Also tell 'em to bring lots of cash;
Joe T's won't take check or credit card.  Fort Worth
has a nicer Arts district than Dallas if they're into
that.  Ft. Worth supposedly has the better zoo, but
personal experience calls it a draw. Six Flags and
Hurricane Harbor.  The Mesquite rodeo.  Some great
clubs with live bands all OVER the metroplex, but
especially in Deep Ellum just east of downtown Dallas.

My favorite restaurants in the Dallas area: Pappadeux
(cajun seafood), Samui (thai), Fogo du Chau
meat meat meat meat), there are TONS of good
houses here; my favorites are Chamberlains (VERY
expensive), Old San Francisco steak house, and Trail
Dust.  STAY AWAY from Salt Grass and Texas Land and
Cattle.  Joe's Crab Shack is popular--don't know if
that's a national chain.

JIM (Randy's friend, I've never met him) said:

Joe T. Garcia's (texmex) which is close to the Fort
Worth Stockyards or Risky's bar-b-q in the stockyards.

A trip to the metroplex would not be complete with out
going through the stockyards and touring the museum
looking around.  I also like Springcreek bar-b-q which
is a chain now through the metroplex.  I guess Dallas'
westend. Hmm. Log cabin village, the botanical gardens
in Fort Worth?



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