[thechat] evoltspotting

Seb seb at poked.org
Thu Jul 17 09:30:34 CDT 2003

> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3074031.stm
> beo about to suffer the wrath of the beebdot effect. Or something.

Who cares? Nutscrape is finally dead. Five years too late, but it's gone.

Oh, and standalone IE is gone too.

So, that leaves Mozilla ('scuse me whilst I burst into hysterics) or Opera 
to dominate the browser scene.

My cash is on Opera.

Anyway, this is way offtopic for thechat, so I owe tips:

Never go snorkelling in jelly, it clogs the snorkel and you'll suffocate.

Don't let really old people drive cars, especially in markets. Really don't 
let them accelerate down 3 closed-off city blocks killing 9 and injuring 
more than 50. If it looks like somebody who's nearly 90 years old is 
getting into a 2-ton, 100MPH death-trap, do the sane world a favour and 
shoot them, or at least break their arms and legs.


- seb


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