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Thu Jul 17 10:36:43 CDT 2003

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B-b-but, I'm not done! Here's what was in my inbox

RANDY said:

The Kimball museum has a nice restaurant inside (tres
chic and pricey),
but right across the street (across Camp Bowie
Boulevard, that is) are
two places (or WERE two places) that are kind of blue
collar but fun and
good.  Hmm, actually Camp Bowie has a LOT of good
restaurants.  Across
from the Kimball is The Back Porch with homecooking
and home made ice
cream; I always loved their French Onion Soup.  But
head west on Camp
Bowie a few miles and you'll find the BEST fish and
chips this side of
the Atlantic at a place called Zeke's.  And up a bit
further is a great
Chinese restaurant: Szechuan.  Hmmm...seems all my
suggestions involve
food, huh?  I must be hungry.  I'm ALWAYS hungry. 
Zeke's--mmmmm.  Gotta
try all the veggies, they're all excellent: mushrooms,
okra, eggplant.
They have a quaint little beer garden in the back. 
Not too far from
there is the British pub - Pig and Whistle.  All the
art museums in 
Ft. Worth are all clumped together there: Kimbell,
Modern Art, Western Art.

If they head south from the Kimbell up University,
then left on Berry
and left again on...on..uh oh, I've forgotten.  But
there's a train
depot there and they can ride an old steam train
called the Tarantula
out to Grapevine, which is a nifty (but growing) small
city north of the
metroplex, and then ride it back.  Actually it may
stop in the
stockyards now, too (it didn't when I lived there but
I think that was
the plan).  The ride up University will take them
through TCU; some
trendy joints there on Berry.

SCOTT (in FW) said:

i just called joe t garcia's (817-626-4356) and they
do take checks, even
out-of-state checks.  probably best just to take cash
anyway.  i don't
know if anyone suggested the Water Gardens or not, but
functional, that might be a fun little jaunt, but i
don't recommend going
at night.  (claim to fame:  a brief scene from Logan's
Run was filmed
there).  heck i just like walking around downtown fort
worth at night,
it's a pretty neat night spot.  if they're really
high-falutin, maybe the
Reata restaurant, for some, uh, eclectic haute
JIM said:

Nobody has mentioned the Japanese Gardens in the Fort
Worth Botanical
Gardens.  If they like zoos maybe they would like
botanical gardens.  There
is also a large greenhouse (I don't remember the
proper name) in the
botanical gardens with some neat things in there and
gardens around it.
Also outside the Fort Worth zoo is the small gage
train that you can ride.
It is fun especially for kids.  It goes on a 5 mile
track.  Has   anyone
been to see the life-size lords supper sculpture at
the baptist office on
I-30 by Camp Bowie? 

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