[thechat] DFW Restaurants/Sites?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Jul 17 12:23:24 CDT 2003

Cheryl Baringer re-asked:

>>So Ron, have you found out which area of the metroplex you'll be based in?

Yup. Was busy helping watch 3 grandkids and forgot to ask last night. A quick 
call and email later and I find that we'll be staying at a newly built 
Candlewood Suites in Arlington -- roughly midway between D and FW ('bout 20 
miles to either city).

[I think I've been to Arlington twice before, once in the summer heat for an 
Oracle 'Technical Foundations' class (good class - insane architecture!) and 
once in winter for that US Gov focus group on defining 'web worker' job 

>>Keep us informed! I love to go on vacation vicariously!

Yeah, I've really enjoyed the pix from Martin, Javier, Isaac and others 
from their travels ... I'll try to re-read my eCamera manual and see if 
I can get any shots worth posting.

(Maybe from the botanical gardens. I seem to have decent luck with flower 
shots ... they're easy to sneak up on and usually don't complain too loudly 
while you putter around figuring out the best angle/lens/filter/lighting 
combination to use.)

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