[thechat] Art Trivia Question

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Fri Jul 18 14:02:55 CDT 2003

Cheryl Baringer noted:

>>I  agree - East. Check out the diary entry here:
>>Definitely East.

Awww ... Did you and Tony cheat and google around for an answer -- or did 
you both just happen to remember that quote?  

I thought, (mistakenly as it turns out), that I remembered the sun being low 
in the sky and behind the figure. [Although it kind of looks like there is 
a reflection of the sun in the water behind the figure.]

That ruled out 'North' and 'South'.

To rule out 'West' I considered the 'intent' of the picture. It seems 
much more fitting and powerful against a "descent into the madness that 
is the night" than as a counterpoint to the 'hope' of a rising new day.

So I went with 'East'. <shrug />

>>- who also tends to let her mind wander during that dreaded commute....

Hear that Nagrom?  We may have you covered.  Mha-ha-ha!  ;-)

(Who was once given an inflatable 'Scream' doll as an "appropriate" birthday 
gift.  Hmmm ... must be around here somewhere.)

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