[thechat] Maybe not suitable for work?

Ashok Hariharan listman at hazard0us.org
Mon Jul 21 04:52:19 CDT 2003

Yeah, desperate times  call for desperate measures....
I heard this joke from a zimbabwean recently:

The zimb. currency (the zimbabwean dollar) has gotten so devalued that 
even a roll of toilet paper goes for zim$ 1000, so this guy mentioned a 
cheaper alternative to buying TP.   Since a standard roll of TP has 
72 sheets, you  could  theoretically change $1000 into 100 $10 bills, now 
you use 72 of those $10 notes (for the EssWePay stuff that TP is used 
for) and  you still have zim$ 280 change left over....!


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