[thechat] $year = $year - 1

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Mon Jul 21 09:42:36 CDT 2003

>From the eerie-happenings, dept:

My laptop was getting fussy, so I decided to reformat it. I carefully copied
important data files to another machine. After formatting/installing/etc, I
opened outlook (I use outlook), and changed my store folder to the folder I
had backed up.

Everything seemed peachy.

But, then, uh, something seemed not-so-peachy.

My recent mail didn't look right, but the dates jived just fine: 7/18, 7/19,
--WAIT A SEC all my mail stops at 7/20/2002

2002 - not 2003

SO, I *hadn't* backed up my mail folder. Well, I thought I did, because it
was in the folder where I backed up my laptop files.

But that was the folder from the last time I wiped my laptop, EXACTLY ONE

And to think, I've been contemplating dropping some bad habits. Now I feel
like I don't even know which ones are bad.


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