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Syed Zeeshan Haider szh at softhome.net
Mon Jul 21 16:19:33 CDT 2003

From: "rudy"

> how do you know that google skips important sites from its results?
> if you are aware of the important site, why are you searching?
> and if you are not aware of the important site, how do you know it's
> missing?

Well! Rudy! From your posts to both, TheList and TheChat, I assume that you are
a much more experienced person than me.
There is only one answer to your three questions:

I knew a site about a specific topic and due to its contents, I expected that
site to be appeared on first three pages of results when I searched for more
sites about the same topic. But that very site never appeared up to 10 pages.
After 10th page, mostly very-unlikely-to-be-related results begin. This has
happened many times.
Just searching a specific word in the text of the site doesn't mean that the
site *is* on-topic. I have experienced it when I was searching about some basic
scientific topics.
Google never searches in most of the encyclopaedia sites while many other search
engines may return results from encyclopaedias.

Maybe, I am wrong but that's what I have bitterly experienced. I have nothing
against Google and I still use it along many other search engines.

Syed Zeeshan Haider.

Allah says to Mankind:
"Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?"

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