[thechat] Good photographer?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Jul 22 12:41:16 CDT 2003

Little Madhu Menon writes:

>>Hola amigos.

>>I'm thinking of hiring a pro photographer to do some food photos for my 
>>menu as well as for a print newsletter I'm planning. I chanced upon this 
>>gentleman on the Net and was wondering if you could give me an opinion on 
>>the quality of his work:

Hi Madhu!

Sounds like a good idea to me.  Having a pro do the pix should give you 
better consistency in quality ... and taking 'good' pictures of food is 
a _very_ specialized skill.  It also sets a more upscale tone.

His gallery looks very nice.  This guy looks like a pro to me.  I'm seeing a 
very strong sense of composition. Virtually every picture has a strong 
diagonal element. (That's a good thing.) Excellent color coordination with the 
tablecloth/background selection as well.  Looks like he's done this before.


The food is well presented and if there _is_ any 'retouching' - it sure isn't 
immediately obvious. 

If he's affordable and this is representative of his work, he looks like a 
good choice.

These photos will be on the 'take-away' menu you'll be sending out to us, 
right?  Free delivery within a 4,000 mile radius????  Hmmmm???


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