[thechat] Good photographer?

James james at ebigman.com
Wed Jul 23 12:37:11 CDT 2003

Once I get finished working out the details of my 'Atomic Fusion
Materializer©' tangent products delivered *over* the internet will be a

You'll be able to purchase source code for foodstuff and other things to be
downloaded directly into the 'AFM box©' at the click of a button.

I've said enough already...


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> At 11:11 PM 22-07-03, Luther, Ron wrote:
> >These photos will be on the 'take-away' menu you'll be sending out to us,
> >right?  Free delivery within a 4,000 mile radius????  Hmmmm???
> That's correct, Ron.
> The take-away menu WILL be delivered free anywhere on this planet with
> Internet access. All you'll have to do is log on to the restaurant web
> and download your copy.
> The food, however, is another matter.
> Now excuse me while ROFL at my own joke.
> Madhu

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