[thechat] higher primates can program

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Thu Jul 24 10:16:20 CDT 2003

rudy stopped the presses with:

>   http://www.enewsbuilder.net/NewTech/e_article000163707.cfm

i especially found this interesting:

"McAuliffe discovered the subject baboon behaviour did not include the
sharing of source code. In fact, many subjects were territorial,  in some
cases blocking the progress of other animals, with aggressive and subtle
passive-aggressive behaviors. Males who could manipulate the laptop keyboard
and traverse complex, multi-way menus gained an immediate increase in social
status within the group. This led to some social friction, as more
knowledgeable males enjoyed higher social status at the expense of
then-alpha, more physical males. None of the baboons, regardless of rank,
could perform an error-free compile or handle Windows registry tasks."

man, if only i were a baboon.
i'd have the ripest bananas and my pick of the ladies.

not to mention that colorful derriere.

curiously absent is a report on the monkey's preferred web browser.
  uh....never mind.


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