[thechat] rush, ac/dc, and the rolling stones

r937 rudy at r937.com
Wed Jul 23 06:50:45 CDT 2003

from the "inevitable" department -- they've added parking to the stones

downsview "park" is a actually military airport and surrounding open land,
located well within city of toronto boundaries

(as this is canada, the word "military" can be fairly loosely interpreted)

world youth day and the pope himself have used this location

huge open space, easy access to transit, but no, they gotta add fifty
thousand parking spaces @ $25

(okay, that's canadian dollars, but still, concert admission is even less)

heh -- they shoulda charged a grand, they'da got it, all fifty thousand


the concert took ages to confirm, and then its planning had several
stumbles, e.g. major reversal in policy of what items may be brought in

the rotating stage is almost finished

rush, ac/dc, and the rolling stones

makes my head spin

no, i'm not going

and yes, i'm not going because i'm just too tired

watching old farts -- i.e. guys my own age -- playing live rock and roll
just doesn't hold the same mystique for me as it used to forty years ago
when both i and the guys in those bands were the right age for rock and roll

and besides, those portapotties are really nasty


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