[thechat] [OT] IM Question

Ashok Hariharan listman at hazard0us.org
Fri Jul 25 02:22:01 CDT 2003

With all these discussions about anime movies,
i decided to go and check out some of the movies

my prior experience of anime was limited to 
samuraiX (they showed it on tv here), and the 
powerpuff girls (now I know its not anime)...

i had to go through like 3 video stores before
i found one that had some, i was able to check
out the following:

-crying freeman (it was in episodes, maybe 
originally a tv show? the naked old woman 
was a bit gross though...),
-grave of the fireflies (kinda sad and tragic),
-ghost in the shell (awesome! cyborg chick rules!),
-metropolis (is that really anime? though
the artwork looked really good)


><tip type="notes on recent anime purchases">
>I had 'the bug' so I went out and bought some 
>more anime. I ran out to Best Buy at lunch a 
>week or so ago and picked up "Akira" and 
>"Ghost in the Shell". 

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