TOYZ ... wuz - RE: [thechat] More Segway madness.

Ashok Hariharan listman at
Wed Jul 30 10:53:35 CDT 2003

>Personally, I've always preferred the British bikes; 
>the old Triumph 650 Bonneville was _my_ idea of a 
>pretty bike, and I always had a fondness for the 

Wooeee, thats one beautiful bike..., i know a guy who's
got the modern Triumph Thunderbird -- he just rides it
on sundays and keeps it in a sealed garage for the 
rest of the time....

somebody conned me into buying a very cheap 1976 
Suzuki gt250 -- 
older than me, 2 stroke/2win cyl, 
fantastic blue smoke from the exhaust,
revved real good, nice big tea-cup-like indicators,
and the engine noise was just bringaa-bringaa-tastic. 
it did 140km/h easy(at that speed it sounded like a 
jumbo-jet taking off, and the brakes stopped working 
after the 100 mark)

I drove around on it for a month, before i realized that 
motorcycling isnt *exactly* the wisest thing to try as 
a hobby on Kenyan roads (big potholes, roundabouts, 
drivers who treat motorcyclists like road kill...) 
and then the damned thing broke down and I couldnt 
get any spare parts here....

It was really sad when I ended up selling it for metal 
value :(


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