[thechat] high fidelity quiz

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Aug 6 15:56:49 CDT 2003

>(Who, however, doesn't own any hardware that will play the vintage
>78s he's been lugging around for the last couple of decades.)

I remember the old record players having a setting for those... don't I?

Well... I think I know where you can get a gramophone, but they ain't cheap...

btw I got rid of my vinyl, too, as a matter of space and 
convenience... I had to make choices... but I honestly prefer 
records.  Whoever came up with the notion that CD's were in some way 
better than records and convinced the world, needs to melt in hell.

Did you ever drop a brand new record cover on the floor and have it 
break at the corners so as to be completely unusable?  NO.

When your CD skips, can fix it by blowing on it?  NO.

Can you open a CD cover and use it to roll the perfect joint?  NO.

Do the pretty pictures look as good on a CD case as they do on an 
album cover?  HELL NO.

The only cool thing about CDs is they are shiny and kind of refract 
in rainbow colors.  That's the ONLY thing.

That said, I don't bother with records anymore.  But I still use 
cassette tapes and portable cassette recorders.  Which seems to 
create an incompatibility problem with friends and acquaintances.

Oh well.  At least the acoustic guitar still works.



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