[thechat] high fidelity quiz

Seb seb at poked.org
Thu Aug 7 05:26:00 CDT 2003

>> A while back I had a US$10 gift certificate at Sam
>> Goody and eventually managed to find their miniscule
>> classical music section. Most of the CDs were priced
>> around US$3.99 for a 5 CD set. Clearly not the best of
>> all possible recordings.
> Oh I dunno - I've found some *excellent* classical recordings at silly 
> prices because the record store staff didn't know what they were selling.

Or more likely, because the copyright on the recording has expired and it's 
in the public domain, classical CDs can be sold for a reasonable price 
because there are no enormous kick-backs to pay to major record companies.

If record companies weren't taking 70 - 80% profit off each CD, all music 
would be priced like that.

- seb


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