[thechat] Bar snacks

Ashok Hariharan listman at hazard0us.org
Sat Aug 9 10:44:09 CDT 2003

-- Roasted & spiced peanuts (cheap, easy-to-make-in-advance)
-- Roasted & salted cassava (I am not sure if this is 
available in bangalore...)
-- Roast peanuts with chopped onion & chillies
-- Roasted paapad with chopped cilantro/onions/dhania on top
 (get the smaller size variety)
-- peppered cashewnuts lightly fried in oil (might be expensive)
-- spiced popcorn (cheap & easy..)
-- tacos (you can charge for this..)

1) Shouldn't be too expensive.
2) Should be easy to make in large quantities
3) Should get people to order more drinks (i.e., makes your throat dry)
4) Should be vegetarian.


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