[thechat] Bar snacks

deacon b. web at master.gen.in.us
Sat Aug 9 14:21:20 CDT 2003

> not chips/wafers/crisps, because they are fatty, and fatty does not make you
> thirsty, same goes for peanuts
> not sure what they're called, here they are known as "nacho chips" or "taco
> chips" -- substantially thicker than potato chips or crisps -- and they are
> usually served with a tomato/salsa sauce, sometimes with a cheese sauce
> many places charge for them as an appetizer
> they always make me order another beer, i think it's the salsa...

Especially if the salsa is *hot*.

They are simply corn chips, and many mexican 
restaurants make their own.  When I was a member 
at Sam's Club, they had cases of them - something 
like 30" long, 12" high, and 16" wide - for about $6. 
They also had salsa in half-gallons for about $5. 
You could serve a *lot* of people for $10.

Or you can use cheese sauce with hot peppers in it. 
A little more expensive, but you get what you pay 
for. Good snacks don't just sell drinks, they also fill 
the seats.  

By the way, *pretzels* are salty and fat-free and 
cheap. And if you use pretzel *rods*, you've pretty 
well handled Kevin Stevens' problem as well.

And I know we all suggested names for the place 
before, but I never heard what the winner was. It'd 
be a shame if you ended up with one of the "dew 
drop inn" variety.


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