[thechat] Bar snacks

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sun Aug 10 02:46:48 CDT 2003

At 12:45 PM 10-08-03, Isaac Forman wrote:
>The word 'wedges' is an excuse to charge $x for a snack. Your bar is next
>door to your restaurant, so capitalise on having the kitchen nearby.

Aye, there will be plenty of nice Asian snacks to go with the drinks. Nice 
and profitable. :)
(Want me to post a couple of recipes?)

>Don't put bowls of complimentary nuts or anything like that on the bar --
>that's cheap.

Why? Ain't it better than having nothing at all?

>Would running two venues concurrently with little/no experience not run you
>too thin?

Well, I'm going to give up my life for a year anyway, so the bar is only a 
wee bit extra to manage. It's all a big management challenge, so I'm not 
unduly worried. Find good people and delegate. Delegation is at the 
foundation of good management. Since I'm not a liquor expert, I'm going to 
restrict myself to pricing and perhaps marketing, and leave operational 
responsibilities to my manager. I also need a couple of good bartenders. In 
India, women are not allowed to work in bars under law. Bummer.

Say, are you still on schedule to get here by Nov/Dec?


(I wish I could source a bottle or two of Midori from somewhere. I love 
that stuff, but it's not available here.)

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