[thechat] Bar snacks

deacon b. web at master.gen.in.us
Sun Aug 10 05:09:22 CDT 2003

> Deke, unfortunately we don't get pretzels here. Besides, if your president 
> can choke on them, they're probably not very safe. :D

Don't rule out making your own pretzels. They are 
*very* cheap and easy to make - especially if you 
are talking about large rods.

Traditional pretzels are formed from a dough of 
water, flour and baking soda, boiled shortly in a 
solution of baking soda, salted with coarse salt, 
baked, and dried until there's no appreciable water 

But soft pretzels are increasingly popular. They 
leave out the drying step, and many people eat 
them with mustard or with various cheezy or sweet 

A local woman, Anne Beiler, started making soft 
pretzels from a *bread* dough, offering them with a 
variety of different toppings, and in fifteen years, 
she's grown to having 750 stores. Take a look at 
their different pretzels at auntieannes.com - and 
there's a fairly good recipe for Anne-style pretzels at 

If you recall, Dubya's father vomited on someone 
who was sitting next to him; don't blame pretzels if a 
family that's dimwitted on so many other concepts is 
also dimwitted when it comes to food.


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