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> Also, as much as other items might also be tainted, bar nuts are notorious
> and get much publicity with regard to their cleanliness. And it's public
> perception that counts in this situation, don't you think?

I see the ongoing point about bar nuts.  As do
all bars in London.  Some, however, get around
this by pouring a small bowl out for *you* from
a large container of pistachios (salty == more
drink), in full view.

If you don't finish them, they bin 'em, obviously,
by dumping them into the same bucket as the
ashtrays as they go round the bar.

Contamination worries removed, warm fuzzy feeling
about free pistachios engendered.

Just a London perspective.  The US thing of leaving
peanuts on the bar doesn't happen here.

John Handelaar

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