[thechat] Restaurant toilets

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Tue Aug 12 19:08:55 CDT 2003

> Have you ever seen a restaurant toilet that had
> something out of the ordinary? What else can I
> incorporate that will make the toilets more useful?

something to look at on the wall that's a foot away from my nose while i'm,
um, you know, standing...

the office building where i once worked had washrooms with tiles on the
walls that were just the right size for 3d effects -- you'd be standing
there, taking care of business, as it were, staring straight ahead, letting
your eyes lose focus, and all of a sudden the 3d effect clicked in, and you
were on the edge of a precipice, with a gazillion foot high wall opposite
you at what seemed like fifty yards distance...

other washrooms i've visited have had today's sports section of the
newspaper pinned to a bulletin board on that section of the wall

i remember one club where there was a window at eye level with one-way
glass -- you could look out into the club while, um, standing, but they
couldn't see you...

i dunno what it's like on your side of the planet but over here where the
idiots are running the asylum, it seems that paper towels are out of fashion
and the hand-drying method of choice is an air dryer -- i friggin hate those
stupid things

i want taps that you can turn on and off with your elbows, like the doctors
do -- with ordinary taps, you wash your hands, rinse them, then turn off the
taps, and now you have to wash again

paper cups would be nice -- it's practically impossible to get a drink of
water in any washroom without using your cupped hands

if all of the above sounds like i'm an expert on restaurant washrooms, i'm

i <strong>never</strong> go to restaurants, just the occasional bar to meet
friends, like last week at the monthly meeting of http://webstandards.to

i cannot help but use the can after a couple of liters of beer, so i suppose
i am more experienced in that regard than in other areas of food service


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