[thechat] pop tarts and smashed guitars (was: hell, I forgot)

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Aug 13 13:36:12 CDT 2003

most of the song is just a cheap amp (crate vintage club 30 watt) 
with gain turned up, the more distorted part is a boss ds 2, the 
guitar is the old mustang w heavy strings.

i wish I had a practice space where I could turn stuff up more often, 
cause I know where I want to go but no one wants to listen to me try 
to get there.  I really like the whole soundscape thing, sound 
textures, like what hendrix and kurt cobain and to a lesser extent 
jack white how they use/d feedback.


Garrett wrote:
>Hey cool! Definately got that Violent Femmes feel to it. Nice guitar sound
>there too Erica, is that just an overdriven amp or did you run it through
>some pedals?

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