[thechat] Restaurant toilets

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Mon Aug 18 05:21:17 CDT 2003

At 01:43 13/08/2003 +0530, Madhu Menon wrote:
>Have you ever seen a restaurant toilet that had something out of the 
>ordinary? What else can I incorporate that will make the toilets more 
>useful? (ok, you can forget that smartass remark about having a toilet bowl)

   I was at a restaurant in Dublin some years ago with the company I was 
working for at the time. It was some Hollywood-themed place, not terribly 
posh, but they had an attendant in the bathrooms who handed you towels, 
offered you a blast of several kinds of cologne (and presumably perfumes 
and/or other cosmetics in the ladies), and refused to take a tip. I was 

   More practically, I've always found that wooden fittings make a much 
better impression than metal or tiles.


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