[thechat] Using Microsoft Office or any other "Office" pack

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Aug 18 23:26:29 CDT 2003

Hi gang,

I've been asked to teach new law students in our school the fundamentals of
the programs they are likely to use in their study. I've narrowed it down
to five items, four of which are MS Office Programs, all of which I can
prove that they are going to be using more or less throughout the first
I haven't got many hours with them, so what I'm planning on doing is tell
them about the things that can be done and what they should focus on
learning, how to easily pick up the tricks, the little things that makes
using the programs so much easier. Last but not least it's an effort to try
and help them use the programs *the "right" way* which helps them advance
in their law study even further (if that is possible ;).

So, the programs are:
    cause the mail server at school is MS Exchange Server
    cause that's what you use for your class/book notes
    cause they have one accounting class with electronic assignment
    cause all teachers prepare their lectures in ppt
    cause they have to write a presentation in one class.

After all this, I have a question ;)
What are the fundamentals of the programs? What things can be done? What
parts of these programs do you use and why?
I'm talking about some specifics, if you don't mind. Take Word for
instance, there you most likely use the different formatting functions,
tables, mail merge etc.


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