[thechat] Using Microsoft Office or any other "Office" pack

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Tue Aug 19 01:32:10 CDT 2003

> After all this, I have a question ;)
> What are the fundamentals of the programs? What things can be
> done? What
> parts of these programs do you use and why?
> I'm talking about some specifics, if you don't mind. Take Word for
> instance, there you most likely use the different formatting
> functions,
> tables, mail merge etc.
> thanks
> elfur

Things I wish everyone knew:

at a fundamental level, how to organise the files they use - use
sub-directories, logical filenames, making copies before editing, making
back-ups. save document before printing (that's not so important now, is
it?) (and not relying on the software to behave consistently)

using keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste, in fact knowing that
keyboard shortcuts exist.

How to use search and replace - how to select a search pattern that
won't ruin your document.

knowing how to turn special markings on and off

but most of all I wish someone had shown me the power of "outline" view
in Word much earlier. - writing a report by starting with the headings
and structure would have made a lot of difference to me when I was
starting out.

In Excel, I wish I'd known how to have one page in a workbook present
results from all the other pages.

In powerpoint - how to do a presentation without using every animated
feature and how to use it so it supports the talk not replaces it.

And outlook?

I only use outlook for the power of the rules to sort my mail into
folders, I use Nelson Email Organizer to view my Outlook mail, because
it works they way I like to.



NEO organizes my Outlook - check it out:

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