[thechat] the influence of Celtic music on American music

Terry Fowler quackamoe at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 19 15:03:45 CDT 2003

My son has a music appreciation class this semester
wants to write his paper on the influence of Celtic 
music on American music. Teacher says that's too broad
a topic and that he needs to write on "Influence of 
Celtic Music on [specific artist]". Any suggestions of

an American musician substantially influenced by

Googled the following:

"celtic music" "american music"
"celtic music and american music"
"influence of celtic music on american music"
influence of celtic music on american music
"celtic music" "american music" and influence
"celtic music" and "american music" and influence

Only specific artist I've found so far is Earl Scruggs
and a Cuban bodhran player in Dallas(?). Really, he's
in a band called "Tinker's Dam." 

If, rather than "American Music" it was a broader
I think he could do well with Donovan or Jethro Tull,
but he is limited to American Music. The class is "The
Landscape of Music in America." Not a bad course, but
I think college students should *have* to have taken a

broader class before taking something this specific. 



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