[thechat] the influence of Celtic music on American music

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> My son has a music appreciation class this semester
wants to write his paper on the influence of Celtic 
music on American music. Teacher says that's too broad
a topic and that he needs to write on "Influence of 
Celtic Music on [specific artist]". Any suggestions of
an American musician substantially influenced by

I would run through the various popular groups that perform at American
Irish festivals, like the one in Dublin Ohio a week or so ago and the one in
Chicago.  I can't speak to the nationality of them, but check out bands like
the Leahys, the Saw Doctors, Black 47, and so on.  The Young Dubliners I
think are Irish and maybe some of the other ones, but they perform in the US
and they play a fusion of rock and Irish music.

Hell there are a lot of American musicians who just play flat out Irish
music.  I don't understand why the teacher would put so much stock in what
the nationality of the musicians are.  The integration of different forms of
music being performed in America is interesting enough imho.

The Leahys might be good...the father is Irish, but they are Canadian: 


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