[thechat] the influence of Celtic music on American music

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Thu Aug 21 08:59:34 CDT 2003

Ah, now you're onto my specialised subject...

Good place to start:

This is the book of the album of the documentary series

Here's the album:

By American music, do you mean strictly US? Or North American? If the
latter, then Scotland had a much larger impact on Canada than the US.

If you want to pick artists, you'd do worse than picking any of the
following (off the top of my head):
* Dylan
* Woody Guthrie
* Natalie McMaster
* The Everly Brothers
* Alison Krauss
* Gillian Welsh
* Emmy Lou Harris
* The Byrds
* Bruce Guthro (canadian - now sings with Runrig, one of the more
influential Scottish Gaelic acts of recent times)

I'd also look at the likes of Boys of the Lough's relationship with
Garrison Keillor.


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